Sebastiane (with lyrics)

by Sex Gang Children



Taken from the album Song And Legend, this track gained international recognition for Sex Gang Children.


SEBASTIANE (Andi Sex Gang)

Sister tell wishing well to the young men dead on the shore, she soon died a suicide kissed the table in God's name.
It's the code of the cowboy men to defile all that is pure, too much hate, too much hate and your ignorance is your strength.
Don't sell us Brittanica with it's oozing pipeline dream, eat your children baked in a pie I will blind you to improve your visions of I.
Bite the face of piety, kiss your mother's broken spirit, there is nothing not even shame just the stench from the room full of social animals.
Caught again, Jezebel with your friend and his beauty bible, he once walked through sacred lands now he waves his Nazi dagger.
Wish you well Sebastiane
With your smiling puritan youth
And you feel, feel no pain
As they cut through your bluey green vein!


released July 9, 1983
Andi Sex Gang - Vocals
Terry MacLeay - Guitar
Dave Roberts - Bass
Rob Stroud - Drums

Produced by Tony James
Ginni Hewes - Violin
Lyrics - Andi Sex Gang



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